Two words about our company

Canbis LLC is a family owned local construction company located in Jersey City, NJ. Since 2005, we have organized and constructed several housing and commercial developments in both Norther Jersey and New York City.

Since the onset of our company, we have maintained a high standard of perfection for all our construction projects. We do not believe in settling for less and make certain that we use the best products, guaranteed.

Due to our humble beginnings, we take great pride in all of our construction projects, indifferent towards the size of the project.

We also greatly appreciate the diversity of plans that we do – from building two-family homes to renovating buildings integral to the residents of Jersey City. Each project has been an important step for us to gain better knowledge in what we do.

Our company believes that we do not just build buildings for the residents of New Jersey, we build lasting relationships with them to. We have preserved all our relationships with our customers that they have made us their preferred contractor in the tristate region. The goal of our company is to build structures that local residents can take pride in, while simultaneously helping the client build a strong business for themselves.

Our team

People behind the scenes

Kanaiaya Kansara

Mr. Kanaiya Kansara is the owner and founder of Canbis LLC. He is active in constructing Canbis LLC.’s cutting edge style and design. In the last three years, Canbis LLC. is proud to have built many homes, attracting sophisticated buyers seeking exceptional value. Canbis is eagerly generating projects in both Northern New Jersey and New York City.

Starting off as a mechanical engineer, Mr. Kansara has transitioned into an owner and builder of several projects for the past 25 years. He has assembled commercial buildings, franchise chains, two-family houses, and single-family custom houses that range from 4000 to 5000 square feet. Under his supervision, his team has successfully completed each project, which ranged from $200,000 to $5,000,000 onwards. As of right now, Mr. Kansara is developing seven new projects, including a twenty-five-story mixed-use building.

Poorav Sheth

Mr. Poorav Sheth is an integral asset to the dynamic team at Canbis LLC, where he serves with distinction as a seasoned Project Manager. Holding a Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering from Indus University, India, and a Master's in Civil Engineering with a focus on Construction Management from NYU, Poorav's extensive expertise enriches the team. Since joining in September 2020, he has effectively managed various facets, including staff oversight, materials coordination, quality control, and the orchestration of subtrades and construction operations. As the on-site contact person, Poorav ensures the meticulous execution of projects, upholding the high standards set by Mr. Kanaiya Kansara, the CEO of Canbis LLC.

With precision and excellence at the forefront, Poorav Sheth's role is pivotal in maintaining the stellar reputation of Canbis LLC. His adept management skills and commitment to quality have made a significant impact on the successful completion of projects. Aligned with Mr. Kanaiya Kansara's vision, Poorav plays a key role in upholding the company's unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional results in the field of construction and project management.

Kanaiya Kansara, C.E.O
Poorav Sheth, Project Manager